Not a single bone
Yet it’s strong enough
To break someone’s heart
Not a single shard
Yet it’s sharp enough
To tear someone’s life apart

So be careful with the words that flow from it
For you can never take back what you’ve said
It’s better to think twice than regret it
For not taking back the tears someone shed



To the man of truth, wisdom and kindness

What a heaven-sent stroke of serendipity
To unexpectedly find someone like you
To realize that I’ve been such a folly
I thank God for sending me someone so true

The first time I heard your tender voice
Tears of ecstasy flowed from my eyes
Just proves that it was the best choice
To have believed in someone so wise

Not a moment have you been slightly selfish
You give more than what you gain
So I pray to God this simple wish
That he take takes away all of your pain


Despairing, but not of Rage

numbness, because of pain
of too much, has driven me insane

not knowing when,
or how to lift the next page
unreceptive at the moment
despairing, but not of rage

appearing to be nonchalant
to conceal the dismay
from the anguish and resentment
i have not felt in any way

still wishful as i always were,
hoping for your return
of your once, such perfect tenderness
your warm love, i used to call home