Born on the 27th of February 1998, Ysa is currently a college student as well as a part-time ESL online teacher and also a part-time graphic & website designer at Dinotech. She grew up enjoying her passion in the different fields of art. She started singing at the age of 3, dancing at the age of 6, drawing and hand-lettering at the age of 10, and graphic and web designing at the age of 12.

Writing, also, had a very special place in her heart. She started to enjoy and love making poems when she was in 1st year high school, and then started to compose song lyrics afterwards.

She had this weird obsession (all thanks to the old Friendster) in making her own websites and blogs as a tween — if you’re in the mood to search it up then you’ve probably seen countless blogs made by her 11 to 15-year old self. BUT, yes there was a big but, she had this big dilemma every time she’s been drained by all the eagerness to put up a good site for herself, which includes the theme’s design, the wordy intros and about sections, and the posts, mainly — losing every ounce of motivation to continue maintaining the blog.

It’s weird, right? Or perhaps it falls under indolence. Oh, well that’s a shame.

So, in order to recuperate, http://www.elyshanillo.wordpress.com was brought (back) to life(?)! And she’s never been so delighted when she found out that her whole name as her domain name was still available because in the past, she has made accounts on different social media sites using her whole name for her usernames and unfortunately, she’s forgotten what her passwords were.

It may be inevitable for her to not check up on her blog 24/7 and that’s okay because there are far more things that need to be prioritized other than maintaining a good blog.